Bespoke software engineering for Finance

The Financial Industry’s most cost-effective secret weapon

#Fintech with a 15 year track record

thecitysecret has been developing innovative software solutions for the Finance Industry for the last 15 years. Our clients are top tier finance institutions looking for software engineers with knowledge and flair.

We offer this in droves – not just through our team of highly qualified, experienced engineers but also as a result of our long-term connection with the world of finance. We know the Industry inside out, and are aware of the constant demands imposed by today’s fluctuating markets and complex legal compliance. Our solutions are entirely bespoke, based on an in-depth understanding of how our clients do business and our own technical expertise.

thecitysecret has an unrivalled track record for the consistent delivery of workable solutions, backed up by our genuine commitment to good old-fashioned personal service and value for money.

Our results are quantifiable and accountable – and speak for themselves.

Software Engineering is not rocket science 

Software engineering isn’t rocket science (well, not quite!) and there are plenty of software houses around promising the earth. We know we stand out and we also know why

Here’s a few of our assets

Technical innovation

With a proven track record of satisfied customers – Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Thomson Reuters, Armajaro, Renaissance Capital, Knight Frank, Jabre Capital Partners – the list goes on.

15 years relevant experience

15 years relevant experience working solely for investment banks and finance financial institutions.


Rigorous recruitment

Rigorous recruitment where candidates must prove themselves in challenging aptitude, intellectual and technical tests. They are thoroughly vetted, security checked and assessed for both practical and theoretical IT knowledge.


In-house training

In-house training via our own Training Academy with more than a decade’s worth of eLearning programmes – all developed around the exacting needs of the Financial Industry. 


Staff kept on the boil

Staff kept on the boil with engineers encouraged to undergo professional development supported by our best-in-class Engineer Mentoring programme.


Flexible in our approach

Flexible in our approach with on site or remote working, and projects are charged for as a fixed fee or day rate. We offer support once a project is complete or will happily train a client's in-house team.


Sensible and realistic

Sensible and realistic because we know what works best for the Finance Industry. Our advice can be trusted and we resource each project individually. Our clients are never charged for unnecessary man-hours.



Competitive because we are close to hand and able to respond quickly. We do not need our clients to micro-manage our progress and the solutions we offer are reliable and long lasting. This, in a nutshell, makes us highly competitive.

thecitysecret is the ideal partner

thecitysecret is the ideal onshore partner offering a flexible and competitive service just a train ride away.

We either work as an integrated part of a client’s existing team, or remotely from our secure offices in Birmingham and Yorkshire. Security is of paramount importance to us and all our offices are segregated by client with audited swipe access and CCTV monitoring. We carry out routine staff screening and data security training. 

Our client base is widespread from within the financial centres of London, Moscow and Geneva. Whether we are on site, or operating remotely, we have a tried and tested on-boarding process that connects us to our client’s IT infrastructure with the minimum of disruption.

Bespoke Software Engineering

thecitysecret delivers bespoke programming relating to all global trading activity – whether it’s Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Equity Swaps, Forwards and Futures, Equity Derivatives, Hedge Funds, Private Equity or more. Whatever the application, we strive to find the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution that can be integrated into a client’s existing infrastructure.

It takes time to get to know what works best in the complex and ever-changing world of finance and having worked exclusively within the industry for 15 years we know that are senior engineers are streets ahead. We know what questions to ask and are experienced enough to challenge assumptions – all of which ensures that we have a comprehensive and considered brief to work with. It allows us to deliver on time and to budget with programmes that are robust, reliable and as future-proof as possible.

We have the capability to:

Develop bespoke programming across all trading/risk management platforms

Produce IT solutions for the Sell side and Buy side.

Handle complex connectivity and system integration

Offer a full service from design to development and deployment

Provide post-launch technical support and/or train in-house teams

Future-proof every programme by maximising its technical scope 

Our background

thecitysecret was founded in 2000 by Managing Director and ex-City software engineer Martin Worner. 

With a technology background at the leading edge of investment banking, Martin set out to create a company that met the exacting requirements of the Finance Industry whilst remaining competitive and adaptable. Today, more than 80% of our business comes through personal recommendations. We serve clients in London and around the globe and have offices in Birmingham and North Yorkshire.

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