IT Services

thecitysecret provides IT services for small businesses and start ups

IT Services

What We Offer

We understand not all businesses can afford a dedicated IT team which is why we offer our IT services for small businesses and start ups looking for a one time IT solution or a IT Support package. For a full list of our IT services click here

Network Installations

The smooth running of a business requires a stable network for your computers, tablets and mobiles. We setup secure networks including firewalls, remote access, printers and more.

Backup Solutions

We can setup a scheduled onsite or cloud backup solution to suit your current setup. Whether it is one computer or a full network of computers, we can help take the worry of backups away.

Device Encryption

Device encryption is important if you have a laptop or device that leaves the office; if it is lost or stolen then client data could be accessed. We can encrypt your devices with up to 256bit encryption.

Hardware Repairs

When a printer stops working, your PC no longer boots or any other IT issue, we can come and help. With years of troubleshooting experience one of our tech team can come and help fix your problem.

IT Support

Not every business can justify a dedicated IT Team, so we are here to help! We can support your IT setup whether on an ad-hoc basis or within a support agreement.

Our Packages

We have comprised a few of our popular IT Services into packages at discounted rates, alternatively you can request a quote for specific options.

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