We all find after a few years of good use our computers start to run a little sluggish and even after a defrag or deleting a few old files there’s no change. Then they start taking 2 minutes to open a piece of software that use to take 2 seconds. This use to mean time for a new PC, not now! SSDs can improve your computer speed by up to 10x and can be fitted into any laptop or desktop computer.

What is an SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, this is very much like your standard Hard Drive except there is no spinning disk inside or any other moving parts making it more reliable. The SSD will store its data using flash memory chips and this can be done much quicker than your standard Hard Drive.  

Do I really need an SSD?

Upgrading from a Hard Drive to an SSD is the best upgrade you can do to your computer in my opinion and the majority of IT Tech, this is due to the 10x speed increase you see at loading up your operating system and opening application or loading files.  

Is there a downside to SSDs?

In comparison to Hard Drives there is only one downside which is the cost per capacity of an SSD. For instance at the time of writing you can get 3TB Hard Drive for £65 and for the same price you could only get 480GB SSD. This been said generally users and businesses tend not to save directly to PC anymore and have cloud storage or file servers so its not a huge problem. Prices should decrease too in the coming years just like Hard Drives have.