Why the name?

Whats the secret? 

We often get asked “why thecitysecret? What is the secret?” 

The company was started in 2000 with 2 employees, the Founder and another Software Developer friend, based out of an office in Richmond Market Place, above a bakery.

One day after work, to encourage their creative juices, they popped to the pub next door to come up with ideas for a company name.  After several conversations and scribbles on the backs of beer mats “thecitysecret” was born.

In 2000 the company had secured a development project with a large International Investment Bank. With the advancements in telecoms and data connectivity it was no longer necessary to be based onsite and instead the development work could be completed remotely. With desk space in Canary Wharf at a premium and London salaries high, thecitysecret were able to offer more affordable solutions to their Banking customer, while their staff benefited from the quality of life living in rural North Yorkshire.

From a small office in a North Yorkshire Market town, thecitysecret was able to offer skills and expertise usually only found in the key financial centres, such as the City in London – we really were the City’s Secret!

Fast forward almost 20 years and as well as working with Investment Banks and other Financial Institutions we are also working with local technology companies, offering project and outsourcing development as well as small business IT support.

We are passionate about technology and promoting it in our area. Working with other technology companies and local businesses enables the team to share their skills and expertise.  Whether a startup, scaleup or a long established business, thecitysecret enjoy learning how other business use technology and offer advice to help them improve productivity and efficiency within their business.

We are part of a great business community and work in collaboration with other businesses. We are able to recommend organisations if we don’t offer a particular service or have the right expertise in-house.

You can find out more details of the services we offer here, or you can contact us here.