Instagram Business features

Follow our quick guide on utilizing Instagram’s Business features

Looking to maximise the opportunity to promote your brand?

Instagram is a great social media platform used for mainly sharing photos and videos. Using this media is a great way to promote your brand, tell your story and shout about the products or services you offer.

By default, when you set up an Instagram account it is set for an individual, which means businesses can often miss out on many extra features.

Why should you set it as a business profile?

Setting your Instagram account to a business account entitles you to many useful features such as:

  • More detailed information about your company in your profile i.e business category, location, hours, phone number
  • Insights into your followers such as location, gender, age & how they interact with posts and stories
  • Real-time metrics on how your posts are performing

Instagram Account and Insights

It is free to set an account as a business profile and it also enables you to add contact details into call and email buttons as well as a link through to active promotions; making it easy for your customers to get in touch.

How to change an account to a business Instagram account:

Firstly, you MUST have an active Facebook Business page for your business to complete the steps below & make full use of the Instagram business features.

  • Open the Instagram App.
  • Click on the 3 lines in the top right hand corner on your account profile page.
  • Select Settings at the bottom.
  • Select the Account you wish to convert.
  • Select Switch to Business Account
  • Select the Facebook page you wish to connect.
  • Review your contact information to ensure it is correct.

Once you’ve completed the above steps your account will be converted!

Connecting Instagram account to Facebook Business Page.

You can not convert your account to a business profile on a PC or Laptop. You can only complete the steps above using the Instagram app available on mobile phones and tablets.

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