Linkedin Tips

Using Linkedin features to grow your connections

We picked up some great tips on how to use some of LinkedIn features – we just had to share them!

We are sure we are not the only ones who occassionally forget our business cards – not to worry, you can share your LinkedIn Code to easily connect.

Or if you enter an event full of people and you want to find the people you would like to chat with, why not use the Connections nearby feature!

We love sharing the tips we pick up from using technology within the workplace or from some of the great events we attend.

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COVID 19 Message

As a technology business, we are in a very fortunate position that we can carry on working with no interruptions. We are following the government guidelines and the health & well-being of our staff is important.

All our staff are fully set-up to work from home for as long as necessary and our telephone system has been redirected. Although we are not currently working onsite, we are still business as usual and can offer remote IT Support.

Stay safe, from us all at thecitysecret!