Do you want to help your children learn to code?

Learn to code home-schooling resources

Schools worldwide have closed with parents having to adapt to their new normal and try to home school their children.  Have you thought about getting your children to learn to code?

At thecitysecret we try to do our best to promote careers in technology. We work with schools and colleges taking part in talks and STEM sessions. Every year we have multiple work experience students from local schools hoping to inspire the next generation, and we actively encourage technology and share any free online resources we come across.  

Are you keen for your children to learn to code, but are feeling a little out of depth? We have put together a list of FREE interesting technology related resources that may be helpful when home-schooling:  

Ubisoft – Rabbids Coding – Learning Through Play 

A game created to be a fun and engaging educational experience, giving people the tools to get excited about learning to code. It gives the player the opportunity to learn the concepts of coding at their own pace. It is currently FREE.

Rabbids Coding
BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize 

They are providing three new lessons every weekday with videos, activities etc and BBC Bitesize supports the National Curriculum. Children can learn lots about technology including learning about databases, cyber security and computer science 

BBC Teach

A great resource with interactive lessons, curriculum specific videos all arranged by age group and subject.  

BBC Teach

Minecraft – Education Edition 

Minecraft is a popular game with children, and they have created a game-based learning platform which gives you the opportunity to learn to code with lessons and creative project-based challenges. &  Studio.code 

Resources to help your child learn computer science whilst at home – educational videos, learn the fundamentals with self-paced courses & unplugged activities. 

With Studio.code you can learn to code with videos, fun tutorials and projects for free. You can learn how to make your own app and website, or if you don’t have time for a full-length course whilst home-schooling, pencil in some time for an “Hour of code.
During these unprecedent times we are actively trying to support businesses with their technology needs offering advice and support. If you have any IT queries our tech team are happy to help.  Please get in touch – 01748 822160.