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NoSql Database

What is NoSql?

NoSQL is an approach to database design that can accommodate a wide variety of data models, including key-value, document, columnar and graph formats. NoSQL, which stand for “not only SQL,” is an alternative to traditional relational databases in which data is placed in tables and data schema is carefully designed before the database is built. NoSQL databases are especially useful for working with large sets of distributed data.

NoSql Solution Benefits

There are many advantages to NoSql databases such as:

  • Large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
  • Agile sprints, quick iteration, and frequent code pushes
  • Object-oriented programming that is easy to use and flexible
  • Efficient, scale-out architecture instead of expensive, monolithic architecture

NoSQL databases also tend to be open-source and that means a relatively low-cost way of developing, implementing and sharing software.

Utilising NoSql Databases:

Mongo DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos

Amazon DynamoDB



Google Cloud DataStore

Sql Database

Utilising SQL Databases:




Microsoft SQLServer



What Is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standardised programming language that’s used to manage relational databases and perform various operations on the data in them. Initially created in the 1970s.

 SQL is one of the most versatile and widely-used options available, making it a safe choice and especially great for complex queries.  SQL requires that you use predefined schemes to determine the structure of your data before you work with it making SQL databases ideal for storing structured data.

SQL Benefits

  • It is very easy to manage the database systems without any need to write the substantial amount of code by using the standard SQL.
  • With the help of SQL language, the users can make different views of database structure and databases for the different users.

  • The domain language can be used for communicating with the databases and receive answers to the complex questions in seconds.

Custom Database Solutions

Excel or Access to Relational Database

Are you using a spreadsheet or excel sheet which is getting a bit out of control?

Here at thecitysecret we can build you a solution to make that data more manageable.

Database backups

We can schedule backups of your database to cloud storage  and apply encryption so your data is secure.

At thecitysecret we can help you apply with data protection by setting up deletion routines and hashing to cleans data.


Cloud Migration

Thinking of migrating to cloud storage?

Here at thecitysecret we have experienced developers that can migrate all of your existing data to the cloud, or even build you a new cloud solution that meets your business needs.


Database Development

Here at thecitysecret we have a multiple developers with a vast range of experience in developing databases to business specifications, implementing triggers, stored procedures, views and also custom scripts to automate tasks to your requirements.