Digital Training

Providing digital skills & training to businesses in North Yorkshire

thecitysecret likes to spread its Digital & IT knowledge which is why we run training courses for businesses. Its our goal to help you and your employees learn or improve their digital skills from things likes Microsoft Excel, Canva, WordPress and more. We run courses with either a group of attendees or offer a more bespoke one to one training. 

Not only do we run training courses we provide free digital articles with tips & tricks on software that could help your business. Please see out digital skills section further down for more information.  

Technology Training Courses

We provide technology based training company offering Digital & IT courses for all your business needs. The courses are given in our dedicated facility in the beautiful town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, and lead by trainers with detailed knowledge of the subject matter.

Bespoke One to One Training

Sometimes businesses or employees prefer to learn in a one to one training environment. This is not a problem, we can provide technology based training to suit your needs. It will be a bit more expensive however the time is dedicated solely to you and your business.

Digital Skills Articles

The team like to give back to all our customers. This is why we share our knowledge in free digital skills articles on a regular basis. We discuss latest free & paid software which could help your business.

Why should I train my employees?

Most businesses underestimate the power of training employees due to the initial upfront cost and losing an employee out the office for a day. However in the long term it will help improve the productivity of your employees and they will become more efficient in their work.

With technology advancing as it is, theirs always a new piece of software available which could benefit your business. We can help train you.



If an employee is using software they have limited experience in or aren’t fully trained then it will take them longer to perform tasks. It could be they were trained in a particular version but its now out dated and the new version is more adavanced with new features & functions they are unaware of.


Reduced employee turnover

A fully trained employee will be happier in their work. If an employee is struggling & underachieving due to a piece of software they will become unhappy and may feel like they are failing at their job. This could in turn make the employee not fully committed to their role and cost the business money.



If you have a few employees who have been trained with the software & technologies you use then this can be passed onto other employees and knowledge shared within your business.


Employees acquire new skills

If an employee learns how to use a new piece of software, this could lead to them contributing more to your business and in turn develops their personal development. 

Upcoming Courses & Events

Please contact us if you want prices for digital courses. We currently put on courses on a per request basis or offer one to one training to suit your needs.