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thecitysecret has a team of developers ready to help your business. We will work with you to ensure you get the most suitable developer to work on your project. All our developers come with a positive attitude and are ready to help your business.

Short & Long Term Projects

Our Developers for hire work on short or long term projects to suit your requirements. 

Turn your idea into a product

Speak with our experienced software developers to start the process.

Create features for your product

We can help add new features & upgrades to an existing application.

Developers to work in your team

Do you already have a dev team and need some additional help, get in touch.

Onsite or Remote

Our developers can work onsite directly with your business or remotely from our office.

Front & Back End Developers for hire

Front End Development

Our developers can create a responsive front end platform for your application to work on mobile, desktop or web. We convert the back end data into a graphical user friendly interface.

Back End Development

If your looking for server side back end developers, we can help. Our team are experts in handling data and esuring the back end functions correctly allow the data to be stored, retrieved and calculated smoothly.

Our Software Developers

thecitysecret has an experienced team of developers who have backgrounds in a variety of industry sectors using different programming languages. We aren’t a big organisation who just see your work as another project, we like to give the personal touch to help ensure you feel valued. This starts with a casual coffee and introduction in our offices.

Our developers will work together to review your project and decide on the best technologies, solution and approach. You may only be hiring one developer but our team work closely together so you can be confident your in good hands. Find out more about thecitysecret here.






We understand every project is different which is why thecitysecret ensure our software developers are trained in a range of programming languages. We pride ourselves on keeping our developers trained in the latest technologies so our they are ready to help you.

Don’t worry if your looking to hire a developer and not sure what technology to use, we will work with you to help pick the best solution.

Hire Software Developers North Yorkshire 

C#, C++, Javascript, ASP.NET, TypeScript, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Express, Angualar, MongoDB, NoSQL, Bootstrap, Perl, Python 

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We offer free quotes for all enquires and you don’t talk to a sales advisor, you will speak directly with our tech team.