About thecitysecret

IT Company North Yorkshire

We’re thecitysecret, we love IT & Technology!


thecitysecret was founded in 2000 based in Richmond North Yorkshire and have been providing reliable, cost effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

With over 15+ years experience developing software applications for clients in a range of different sectors. Our team can develop bespoke applications to suit your business.  We have developers who can also help with staff augmentation on a short term basis when you just need an extra pair of hands.

In addition to Software Development we also offer Managed IT Support for small businesses, we monitor and maintain their IT System. This is a  great service we offer for businesses without in house IT expertise. thecitysecret can provide a range of IT Solutions for your businesss, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Meet thecitysecret team


Managing Director


HR & Admin Assistant

As well as running the company Admin & HR Nicole specialises in digital skills, working on various social media platforms and software. With Nicole’s experiences working across the admin function of the business she has a thorough understanding of the needs across a company. Nicole can help a business understand how to use their social media as well as share tips and advice on free tools available.


Senior Consultant


IT Support Engineer

Jason is one of our IT Support Engineers offering IT consultancy and Managed IT support on a daily basis to businesses of all sizes. Coming from Teeside University with a Cisco Networking degree he specialises in setting up networks, firewalls and full system installations. Jason’s skills and experience mean he is able to offer a range of Business IT advice.


Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


Software Developer

Matt is one of the software developers on the team. Matt has previously worked in many areas of business including Management, Project Planning and Software Development and has worked on solutions for Public and Private Sectors. If you have a project in mind which is software driven, Matt is able to provide advice for your business.

Core Values


IT Company North Yorkshire.

thecitysecret and our employees follow these values to ensure we offer a high quality service to all our clients. Over the years thecitysecret has worked with many clients in different sectors, from charities through to financial. Working with these clients has helped us establish our values and how we work. 

Future Growth

It’s important when building software apps and IT Solutions we consider the future growth. This helps our clients’ get the best value for money and their solution is future proofed.


We have experience working on all types of technology projects. From building bespoke solutions to helping to support hardware. thecitysecret offers flexible services to meet our clients’ needs.


thecitysecret & our employees are all very passionate about IT, technology and development. This flows into the projects they work on helping to produce next gen solutions.


As an IT Company we understand its important to our clients to know the pricing, timescales and the end product up front. This is the key for a successful relationship.

Business Networks & Association Member

We enjoy working with local businesses in the Richmondshire & Yorkshire Dales area.  We are actively involved with local networks & associations.