Managed IT Support

Let us be your IT Department. We provide Managed IT Services & Support for small businesses in North Yorkshire

What is Managed IT Support?

Our Managed IT Services & Support enables you to outsource your IT requirements to us as a provider. We will effectively manage and monitor all of your IT hardware whilst providing efficient, flexible and friendly service . We understand not all SMB’s are able to accomodate on site expertise; we pride ourselves on supplying high level and cost effective IT solutions, which are tailored uniquely to your business.

Why choose thecitysecret?

We recognise all of our clients work in different ways, this is why thecitysecret takes its time to get to know your business and understand how we can help you. Each of our clients will receive a tailor made support package to suit your business requirements.

thecitysecret prides itself on offering friendly & responsive support to you and your employees to help them with their daily IT needs. This in turn helps your business grow without the cost of onsite IT.

What we offer

Patch Management

Keeping your operating system and software up to date with the latest security patches is critical to ensure any vulnerabilities are patched. This is something you can’t rely on users to check or carry out on a regular basis.

The patch management automatically runs at agreed scheduled times on both workstations and servers to keep your devices up to date and running smooth.

24 x 7 Monitoring

Every device will have proactive monitoring on workstations & servers ensures they are running healthy, installing updates and performing efficiently. This not only prevents employee downtime but it prolongs the life of your devices.  Our monitoring system auto resolves specific failures or generates an alert for our team to investigate. 

Preventive Maintenance

To increase your employees efficiency and keep your devices running fast, we schedule regular maintenance tasks. This involves tasks like system clean ups, service restarts, disk maintenance and much more. For a user to run these tasks each week it would be very time consuming especially with a number of devices, our automation does this all for you.

Managed Antivirus & Malware

A critical part of any business network is a reliable up to date Antivirus that prevents viruses, worms, adware, etc, from infecting your device. We use a trusted and leading Antivirus which consistently ranks first in independent tests for protection to ensure our clients have the best protection.

A Managed Antivirus service takes away the need for users to worry about checking if it’s up to date. Or even checking the scans have run. We will do all of this for you keeping your workstations & servers protected. For more on Antivirus Software info click here.

Helpdesk & Remote Support

We understand the need for a fast response to help minimise the impact on your business. This is why we provide all our clients with help desk support, you can either create a ticket from your desktop or call us. Our technical support team will then resolve the issue and keeping you informed.

With our secure remote access software installed on your devices, we can easily connect to assist your employees with technical queries or fixing tickets. Before we connect we always get consent from the end user.

Managed Backup & Recovery

The importance of a working backup is critical to all businesses which is why we provide a fully managed backup solution for your devices. The backups are monitored by our team to ensure everything is running smoothly and to take the worry away.

Not only do we offer cloud backups we can include an onsite backup too depending on your business needs. For further information on this click here

Our Process

Initial Conversation

Start a friendly chat with us about your requirements to see how thecitysecret can help manage your IT System.

Technical IT Review

One of our support engineers will then visit your sites and perform a basic onsite review of your network and document the setup.


Upon review of your network and our plan, we will then deploy the monitoring agents and start the initial process.

Ongoing Support

Once everything is implemented you will begin your support plan and our work will begin monitoring & maintaining your IT system.

Managed IT Services & Support Packages

thecitysecret’s Managed IT Services & Support is perfected for small & medium sized businesses who are growing. We help take the stress of IT away for both the business and employees. With small businesses budget, is key out service allows you to save on in house IT expertise at a reasonable price.
Please get in touch today for a free quote, further information on our packages or an IT assessment of your business.