Microsoft 365 & G Suite

We can setup or migrate your business into Microsoft 365 (formally known as Office 365)  or Google G Suite

Microsoft 365 for business is perfect for those businesses who currently use all the Office tools, like Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. It also includes Skype and other Microsoft apps which are very useful. 

Google’s G Suite is another great solution for businesses, it offers all the essential tools needed from office based tools to video calls. There’s also a number of Google Apps you can include for employees.



How can Microsoft 365 & G Suite help my business?

Work anywhere on any device

Its crucial for business users to be able to work anywhere and on any device, Microsoft 365 & G Suite allow your employees to do this. They allow businesses to have the capability of secure anywhere access to important business features. both solutions include emails, calendars, office apps, video calls, instant messaging and file sharing.   

Folder Shares

One of the key reasons for switching to a cloud based office solution is for the ability to have a File & Folder Shares between employees. This removes the need for expensive hardware like file servers or NAS drives. Microsoft 365 & GSuite are cloud based so no hardware maintence is needed.  thecitysecret will take care of the initial setup and create a folder structure for your business with you. Once setup you will have the ability to create folders, edit permissions and manage the user accounts all from an easy to use web interface.  


Collaborating together on documents, spreadsheets & more is a game changer for businesses. This allows multiple users to edit documents at the same time, see real time changes from other users and prevent multiple copies of the same document being produced. In addition, you can quickly share specific documents between internal or external users saving from having to attach them to emails. 

Mobile Device Management

It goes without saying ensuring your businesses data is secure is very important. This has always been key for businesses and some assume cloud based solutions are not secure. The reality is its probably more secure than an onsite mail or file server in your office. Both Microsoft & Google provide encryption on their mail apps, keeping both Microsoft 365 & G Suite up to date.  You don’t just get great office tools but also the ability to manage business mobile devices. Features like locating them, erasing data if lost and set them to require passwords which is great to keep your business data safe.

Cloud Storage

Each user account will be entitled to cloud storage space, depending on the package this can be either a set amount or unlimited. This means data can be accessed on the go with storage and apps in the cloud. If your employees only need to access the internet, emails and office applications then your business can save money on computers & laptops. With everything cloud based you can get them working on Chromebooks or similar and this will rule out the expensive of laptops or computers.

24/7 Support

Both Microsoft & Google offer support 24/7 via phone, email and online chat. This can be vital if an issue does occur or if you have any questions. thecitysecret is also available during working hours to assist on any issues.

Which is right for my business?


Firstly, both products are fantastic business tools and will drastically improve how your business works if you don’t have a cloud solution in place. Deciding the right solution comes down to how your business currently works and the features you are looking for. We work with you to ensure we provide the best cloud based solution for your business. Get in touch below for a free quote.