Software Development

Providing cost effective software development in a range of technologies to businesses around the North East and North Yorkshire.

thecitysecret is an established software development company who have been providing Software Solutions to businesses remotely and onsite for nearly 20 years.


We specialise in the development of tailor made solutions to improve your business processes for both small and large businesses. We know how hard it can be to find off the shelf software solutions which aren’t overloaded with extra features making it difficult to use.

Key Software Development Services

Bespoke Solutions

At thecitysecret we build solutions with the end user and the business in mind. We ensure that solutions built are as flexible as the business and have the ability to grow as your business grows.

Software Build Management

Have an idea for software which will help your business or potentially help start a business but not sure of the best ways to go about the build?

At thecitysecret we adopt the latest project management methodoligies to evolve your solution into the end product which meets your business requirements.


Software Testing

Testing is a key part of building solutions. Any solution needs to work to the required standards without hitting any errors.

Here we test as we build ensuring that any issues are highlighted early in the build allowing more time to rectify issues overall reducing build time and cost.


Building software that functions how you as an end user would like them to function, making software easy to use, learn and work the way you and your business would like the software to work.


We have a range of experienced developers with many different technology skills. thecitysecret can provide our developers to help extend your development team when you need them on an ad-hoc basis.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We understand every client has different requirements so our primary goal is to understand what you want to achieve.

Our developers are ready to assist on your project. They can design & build bespoke applications for your business. Or if you only need to hire a developer on an short term basis, get in touch with thecitysecret.

Years Established


Core Values


thecitysecret and its employees follow these core values to ensure we offer a high quality service to all our clients. Over the years we have worked with many clients in different sectors from charities right through to financial, helping us to establish the way we work. 

Future Growth

Its one thing building an application for the here and now, without thinking of the future. thecitysecret build all our solutions to allow for future growth.


We pride ourselves on working on all types of development projects. From building a bespoke solution to helping out your development team. thecitysecret offers flexible development.


thecitysecret and our   employees are all very passionate about IT, technology and development. This flows into the projects they work on helping to produce next gen solutions.


Its very important to both us and our clients they know upfront pricing, timescales and the end product. This is the key for a successful relationship.

Case Studies

Software Development North Yorkshire

Here are a few projects we have worked on recently, showing the types of application development we provide.

Front End Web App

A new client came to us asking for our expertise and skills on an ad hoc basis. They required us to  design and code a front end web application specifically for their product. We offered the skills in house and for this purpose gave our MEANSTACK developers the chance to shine. The client was very happy with the finished app and plans to come back for future work.

Financial Development

A number of our developers work remotely on a large financial project. They work alongside teams from all over the world in addition to the UK. Their role is to maintain code and push out new releases on a weekly basis. In order to do this work our client requires a range of programming languages. In particular these languages are used: Java, C# and Perl.

Bespoke Database

A returning client came to us because an excel spreadsheet was getting out of control. Therefore we provided them with a more efficient and reliable way to log this information. Our team built a bespoke database from start to finish for our client. Also after a follow up, the client told us they were extremely impressed with how much time is now saved.