Web Applications

Providing bespoke web applications and solutions

Web solutions for your business

Key Benefits of web applications



Need an application that is available on multiple devices on and off site any time?

Web applications can be run 24/7 and be accessed on multiple devices.

Adaptable views

Making views adjust to device screen sizes web applications can be easily used across multiple devices.

Adopting frameworks


The ideal server side technology for building large applications which provide continuous monitoring and managing of processes.





Open-source front-end framework developed by Google for creating dynamic, modern web appiclations.


A server side comprehensive framework designed for rapidly building applications using the MVC architecture.

Content Management System Development


Content management systems are great for quickly building user friendly websites. You can purchase plugins/extensions from the store that can take a lot of the coding out of your web solution.

Here at thecitysecret we can provide web development for bespoke plugins/extensions that may not be available on the market or are available but don’t meet your business needs.

We provide maintenance, upgrades and can build you a solution specific to your business.

At thecitysecret we have experience in WordPress and DNN development building extension and plugins in multiple languages including JavaScript, C# and PHP.

Do you need a content management solution however unsure where to begin? Here at thecitysecret we can provide websites built to your specifications. Get in touch with us below